E27 LED lamp for low intensity aviation obstruction light

Reddot E27 LED lamp is specially designed for Reddot low intensity single or double obstruction light (Aviation Light). Combined with Reddot Low intensity series Fresnel optic lens, in compliance with ICAO and FAA standard.

E27 LED Lamp
E27 LED Lamp
E27 LED Lamp
E27 LED Lamp


LIGHT OUT-PUT E2710 E2732 E27100
Effective Intensity (Work in light)
>10cd >32.5cd >100cd
Standard ICAO type A ICAO type B
FAA L810
>ICAO type B
>FAA L810
LED Nos 8 16 16(High-Flux)
Vertical Divergence 120 degree
Horizontal Output 360 degree
LED color Aviation Red, Other colors are available upon request
LED lifespan 100,000 hours
Operation pattern Both Steady-burning and flashing available
Flashing rate 20-90FPM adjustable, 40FPM default
Nominal Voltage 12VDC,24VDC,48VDC
110VAC, 220VAC 50/60HZ
Power Consumption 2W 4W 8W
Body Aluminum
Base E27
Weight 0.15KG
Temperature Range -40°C- +55°C
Dimension 128mm*52mm(HxDia.)
Warranty 5 year
Optional Available with built-in photosensor


Type Series AC/DC Voltage Flashing Photo sensor
E27 10 A 12 F P
  32 D 48    
  100   28    

For example, E2732D48P means, E27 LED lamp, effective intensity>32.5cd fitted in Reddot optic lens, DC48V power supply , steady-burning, with built-in photosensor


    Electronic characters:

  • Self-contained electronic control design
  • Based on LED technology, long lifetime, low maintenance cost
  • Extremely low power consumption,
  • Built-in photosensor is available, can work on/off standalone from dusk to dawn
  • Flashing rate adjustable, steady on or under 20-90FPM
  • Top mounted LED indicator for power supply and operation status
  • Over voltage protection
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • Available in DC12/24/48V and AC110/220C
  • Mechanical characters:

  • Universal E27 lamp holder, easy replacement
  • Robust aluminum lamp body, providing better heat dissipation
  • Good anti-vibration


  • Telecom&transmission tower
  • Wind turbine
  • Smoke stacks&chimney
  • Oil offshore platform
  • Crane
  • High-rise building

Advantage Comparison

    Reddot E27 LED lamp

  • Very low power consumption (E27100 only 8W)
  • Reliable long lifetime, Low maintenance cost
  • Better anti-vibrant and robust structure
  • Compact electronic control design, expandable functions(eg. built-in photosensor, flashing rate adjustable), can work standalone even without controller
  • Traditional LED lamp (incandescent , fluorescent)

  • High power consumption (100W or more)
  • High replacement frequency
  • Easy to break during transportation and installation
  • Not Electronics friendly, must work with controller


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Industry Solutions

(Aviation Obstruction Light)

  • Telecom & Broadcasting
  • Wind Turbine
  • Power transmission line
  • Tall building
  • Crane
  • Power Plant
  • Smoke stacks & chimney

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