Obstruction light controller

REDDOT Control Panel Breakdown

Control panel can provide extra functions in a Obstruction Light system has more than 1 light. With control panel, the mornitoring center can see real-time working status of the Obstruction Light system on each tower. When mornitoring center operators found any system failure, they can send maintenance people to replace corresponding parts. The maintenance is very important to keep a clear open airway.

A control panel can switch 110/220 AC power to DC low-voltage power supply, which can make the obstruction light

installation job more safer for field workers.REDDOT recommend all lights being 24VDC in a Obstruction Light system that work with control panel.

Major functions of REDDOT control panel

  • System synchronization, all lights turn on & off at the same time
  • Light failure alarm
  • Obstruction Light system power supply alarm
  • Photocell alarm
  • Flashing / steady switch available
  • System Manual / auto switch available when installation
  • Photocell sensitivity ajustment available.

REDDOT provide 2 series control panel, CTR02 series & CTR04 series. Totally 4 models, CTR02 & CTR04 are for indoor purpose, CTR02A & CTR04A are for outdoor purpose. More control will be available soon, for further information on our new control panel please contact with our sales.

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low intensity Aviation Obstruction Light lit up large port equipment all over the world. In 2006, through our cooperation with experienced companies in England and South Africa,...

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