CTR04B Control Box

REDDOT CTR04B controller is a reliable and robust control box for REDDOT OL10&OL32 series double obstruction light.

CTR04B Control Box
CTR04B Control Box


Description Parameter
Input voltage

85-265VAC, 50/60Hz

Output voltage


Surge protector


Backup time with ,REDDOT double light

3 hours

Battery type VRLA
Remote Alarm Dry contact, NC
Photoelectrical switch 70/100 Lux default, 0-1000lux adjustable
Protection degree IP65, outdoor
Ambient temperature -40-+60C
Humidity Less than 95%, non-condensing
Dimension 500mm*400mm*200mm
Warranty 1 year


  • Control "service+standby" double obstruction light, transfer to standby lamp in case of service lamp failure
  • LED indicator for light operation status and failure alarm
  • Alarm signal output, can connect to other external alarm device
  • A manual photocell switch, which can switch to manual control mode during installation
  • 8AH backup battery will support Reddot OL32 double light up to 3 hours working
  • 85-265VAC universal voltage input, 48VDC output operation voltage for double light


  • For Double Obstruction light system


  • ICAO : N/A
  • FAA : N/A

Wiring method

Please connect the power cord according to the label instruction

"Power" - controller power input Lamp1, Lamp2, Lamp3, Lamp4 - connect to aviation obstruction light separately

Lamp1 Alarm, Lamp2 Alarm, Lamp3 Alarm, Lamp4 Alarm - output alarm terminal

Photocell - photocell control terminal

NO:1, NO:2, NO:3, NO:4 are 4 aviation obstruction light indicators individully.

Green light means working fine. Red light AL1, AL2, AL3, AL4 means corresponding light has failed.

• Please make sure all wiring job are correct. Connecting the power supply, then the controller will start to work

CTR04A installation sample


  • This product is based on "voltage detection" thoery, it can only send alarm when the internal power supply completely damaged. It is suggested that not to use this control box in high accuracy detection.
  • Verify whether the power cables are well connected before powering it on.
  • To avoid dangerous operation, please don't open any part of the controller while it's working.
  • Please use the product strictly according to the instruction above.
  • Reddot has a continuous product improvement policy, we reserve the right to change design and specifications without notice in advance.


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