CTRS4 Aviation Obstruction Light Controller

RedDot New generation controller CTRS4 is used for controlling a monitoring RedDot LED low intensity and medium intensity aviation obstruction light. With more friendly interface and small compact size, both indoor and outdoor are available to meet different customer’s request.

With multi-functional and easy-to-set switches, CTRS4 controller is fit for most of common telecom tower obstruction light solutions.

CTRS4 Aviation Obstruction Light Controller
CTRS4 Aviation Obstruction Light Controller
CTRS4 Aviation Obstruction Light Controller


Description Parameter
Input Voltage • 85-265VAC,50-60Hz
• 48VDC
• 24VDC
• 12VDC
Power consumption 2W
Flash rate Steady/20FPM(Default)
Photocell sensitivity 200Lux
Operation Temperature Range -30°C~+60°C
Enclosure Indoor: Plastic
Outdoor: Aluminum
Protection Class Indoor: IP20; Outdoor: IP65
Dimension(H*W*Depth) 160*160*90mm
Weight 1.5KG

Ordering code

Series AC/DC Voltage Numbers of lights on top Indoor/Outdoor
CTRS4 A 220 (85-265VAC) T1 ID
  D 48 T2 OD

For example

• CTRS4A220T2OD means Outdoor CTRS4 85-265VAC controller, two lights or one double light on top

• CTRS4D48T1ID means Indoor CTRS4 48VDC controller, one light on top


  • On/Off Main switch
  • LED indicators for light, power and photocell
  • “Service+Service”/”Service+Standby” adjustable when double light is applied
  • Numbers of Light outputs can set from 1 to 4
  • Each light output can connect one medium intensity light or up to four low intensity single lights
  • Steady/Flashing for different height levels adjustable
  • Bypass Auto/manual for photocell
  • Both NO and NC dry alarm contacts are available for light, power and photocell
  • Dual voltage(Both AC and DC available in one controller) can be customized to meet


  • For Obstruction light system


  • ICAO : N/A
  • FAA : N/A


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