Aviation Obstruction Light (Solutions)

  • Telecom & Broadcasting
  • Wind Turbine
  • Power transmission line
  • Tall building
  • Crane
  • Power Plant
  • Smoke stacks & chimney

Navigation Light (Solutions)

  • Marine Aids to Navigation
  • Port Lighting
  • Marina and Dock Lighting
  • Off-shore platform marking

Portable Airfield Light (Solutions)

  • Runway & Taxiway Lighting
  • Threshold and Caution Lighting
  • Emergency Airfield Lighting
  • Tactical Airfield Lighting
  • Airfield Safety Lighting

Helipad Light (Solutions)

  • Surface Level Heliport
  • Elevated Heliport
  • Helideck
  • Shipboard Heliport
  • Hospital Heliport

Industry Solutions

Aviation Warning Light

low intensity Aviation Obstruction Light lit up large port equipment all over the world. In 2006, through our cooperation with experienced companies in England and South Africa,...

Port Machinery

In 1990, began to work with Port Machinery Company and Operators, so our technicians and workmanship of their products. ...

Mechanical Engineering

Through long-term practical application, has continued to improve the design and has continued to improve the design and workmanship ...

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